• • Orders confirmed after 16:00 will be delivered in the next day.
  • • If you are going to specify an express company, please inform us timely when placing an order.
  • • Our default express is FedEx/sf-express/Deppon express, deliveries can be traced by its courier number. The express fee will be paid by our party.
  • • Concerning of FedEx Air Way and Land Transportation:
        1) Products delivered through air way cannot be transported with their real product name. If such is not accepted, we’ll change to land transportation.
        2) Products delivered through FedEx air way transportation will be arrived in the next day and generally will be arrived in the forth day through land transportation.
  • • Please give us your invoicing information and invoices will be delivered separately. If you have special requirements on invoicing, please inform us beforehand, otherwise invoices will be made according to signed contract.
  • • If you have special requirements on packaging, please inform us beforehand.
  • • If you require specified label format, please communicate with us beforehand.